Performance testing in just 4 simple steps:



Code Selenium-based logic to generate the necessary browser actions for your performance testing strategy.



Call our platform’s API to generate a browser cloud with the capacity and duration you need.


Browser cloud

Connect your Selenium logic to your custom-provisioned browser cloud, via our dedicated Selenium hub.



Execute your test at scale, using thousands of real concurrent instances of Google Chrome browsers.

Load testing platform architecture

Easy API access, powered by Selenium.

In addition to our platform API, we provide access to generated browser clouds via the
Selenium WebDriver protocol, with which our system is 100% compatible. Here’s what
our API enables you to do:

Create and launch the browser cloud with one simple API call.

Access to your browser cloud runs through the standard Selenium WebDriver protocol — which means you’ll be able to use all your existing templates in Selenium when executing performance tests.

Get access to all analytical data on the results of your performance test.

You can query both aggregated data and Raw Data; filter, sort and download your results in JSON format; and even view statistical data through a user-friendly web UI — all at the level of a few lightweight API requests, making it easy to embed Perforator into your development pipeline.

Integrate with our API in any programming language of your choice.

Our API is formatted in OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger Specification), which means you can call it in any language you prefer — either by manually creating an API client or by any automatic code generation method you like. Or use our pre-written Java libraries, described in more detail just below!

View API documentation

Streamline your API calls with our open-source Java libraries.

To make it even simpler to integrate Perforator into your testing workflow, we’ve
created a range of Java libraries — all ready to use with minimal customization.

API client

This Java library communicates directly with our platform, streamlining the process of generating a browser cloud with your desired capacity and duration.

View API Client Guide

Codeless Load generator

Concurrent loads are crucial for a successful performance test. To streamline the process of multithreading, we've created a dedicated load generator that runs as a standalone executable. This means you can execute a simple proof-of-concept performance test without doing any programming at all — just specify your target load and browser actions in the configuration file, and our executable does the rest.

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TestNG Load Generator

Built on TestNG, one of the most popular test execution frameworks in the QA automation community, our adapter makes it easy to transform your existing automated test into a performance test.

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Endless customization options, in any language you choose.

Prefer to use your own libraries? No problem! All our Java libraries are completely
optional. Perforator is designed to be easy to use with libraries in any language — or
even with a load you generate on your own.

Even more libraries are coming soon!

Our team is actively working to expand Perforator’s integration capabilities even further. We’ll soon be providing integration libraries in a wide range of popular programming languages, including​:


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