Data security is designed
into our DNA.

From the environments we generate to
the data we store, we’ve
built every component
of our system around enterprise-level
security protocols.

Here’s how we keep your data safe:

Diagram of the interaction of the load generator with the platform for load testing

Blind load generation

Perforator has no access to actions taking place within the load generator because it runs outside our platform — for example, on your own computer, in an isolated data-center, or as part of your CI / CD pipeline. This means that even if you do connect to an external security system as part of your performance test, we’re unable to see those actions.

Isolated browser clouds

The cloud-based browsers we generate do not interact with any internals of our platform. This means a user has no practical or theoretical way to access another user’s data.

Dedicated network

Our platform’s core runs on a completely isolated network behind a protective firewall. That means no one on the public internet can access internals like compute units and data storage.

VMs for browser clouds generated
from scratch

We generate a brand-new virtual machine (VM) instance to run each test. When the client terminates the test, that VM is permanently deleted, and its data can never be recovered.

Open-source integration libraries

We’re strong believers in open-source software — which is why we’ve designed all our libraries to be easy to inspect and modify. If you integrate our libraries’ code into your testing pipeline, you’re always free to customize or deactivate any functionality you prefer not to use.

Limited external communication

The only route of external communication with our platform is through our preconfigured load balancer, which serves as a proxy for HTTP requests. While the load-balancer does have access to some components (such as our API) on the HTTP request level, it is deployed in a separate network segment that has no access to the data layer.

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