Welcome to Perforator!

Perforator helps you validate your website's performance under a load of concurrent browsers launched in the cloud.

We automatically launch Chrome-based browsers in the cloud according to your load testing requirements for the duration of the performance test. All such browsers are centrally orchestrated via Selenium (WebDriver) protocol from the load generator you launch.

To help you understand the load test results and investigate performance bottlenecks, we automatically capture all networking activity from cloud browsers and transactional data originating on the load generator side. All such data is automatically saved in our system, so you can easily filter it, calculate aggregated metrics, visualize via different charts and review individual records.
Architecture Diagram

Using this guide.

We have prepared a guide to help you learn and get comfortable with the Perforator functionality in a timely manner.

Please use navigation buttons at the top and the bottom of the page to navigate across different chapters - it should guide you through logically connected content. Each new chapter unveils additional knowledge of the Perforator platform!

As practical engineers, we think that the most comfortable way to learn something is to touch it, unless you are building a nuclear plant or wiring electrical cables - safety first :)

So, one of the most important chapters is "Jump Start", where you configure and run your first load test with Perforator - Let's Go!

Architecture Diagram