Projects are used as containers for repeatable performance test executions related to the same environment, making it easier to categorize and access executions data.

There are no restrictions or limitations on how many projects you can have, so it is suggested to dedicate a separate project for every goal/target of the load test. For example, if you are working on website having two deployable environments like stage and prod, then it is useful to have two separate projects:
- - stage
- - prod

Additionally to the project name, you can create and edit project notes. Notes are optional - feel free to attach any helpful description or project-related content in a free form text. It might sound overkill to create project notes when you have only one or two projects, but it starts shining when you have an extensive projects collection with a different purpose. For example, imagine how difficult it is to remember what you were doing in a specific project a year ago when you have tens or even hundreds of projects.

Every load test configuration requires a project key to be specified, and such key tells the load generator where to store new executions data. Project key is available as a dedicated badge at the top of the project details page.

Please click on the "Create New" item from the menu to create a new project.