Real-time performance testing,
powered by Selenium.

Analyze Raw Data from 1000s of concurrent browser
instances — all with one simple API.

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Perforator brings load testing into the cloud.

Our platform represents a quantum leap beyond protocol-level testing. Our cloud-centric approach enables you to execute a wide variety of browser-based performance tests, including:

Load Testing
Stress Testing
Capacity Testing
Endurance Testing

Here’s what you can do with Perforator:

Browsers in the cloud

Run 1000s of concurrent browser instances in the cloud.

You’re free to invoke as many instances as you like — all with a simple request to our API. No special hardware or software required.

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Browsers-based load testing

Simulate real user actions in each browser instance.

We give you clear and comprehensive optics on how your website performs under real-world loads and conditions. This makes it easy to pinpoint and eliminate bottlenecks that protocol-level analysis misses.

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Integrate seamlessly with your existing Selenium tests.

Send requests to our API via our Java libraries, or using your own scripts in any programming language. Just specify the testing parameters and load you’d like to use — and see results in real time.

Real-time statistics

Track and analyze statistics in real-time.

Our platform captures Raw Data from every concurrent browser instance, refreshing every 15 seconds — making it easy to notice bottlenecks and other anomalies as they occur, or terminate your test and directly address an issue.

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View test results in a variety of graphical formats.

Perforator contains a robust library of functions for converting Raw Data into charts, tables, graphs and other visual representations. Thousands of metrics give you a comprehensive picture of your data — while flexible filter settings make it easy to zero in on bottlenecks.


Multiple security layers keep your data safe.

Data privacy and protection are designed into Perforator from the ground up. To safeguard your data, we use all the following:

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Get 1000 free browser hours. No contract, and no hidden fees — ever.

At Perforator, we believe performance testing should be as easy and accessible to everyone. That’s why we don’t require any subscriptions or commitments from our users.

In fact, we’re so certain you’ll love Perforator that we’ll give you 1000 free browser hours just to try it out! From there, additional browser hour costs $0.24 per hour — and we’ll never surprise you with hidden fees or monthly charges.

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