Browser-based load testing delivers
more real-world data — faster.

Get a complete picture of real user actions and
browser behavior, in just minutes.

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Perforator represents the future of performance testing.

Our platform provides a number of benefits over traditional services based on frameworks and tools like JMeter and Gatling — including:

Instant usability
No more time-consuming writing of protocol-level testing scripts!
Reduced workloads
We’ve done all the development labor, so your team doesn’t have to.
Comprehensive metrics
Our platform provides a complete picture of real-world user actions.
Easy pattern detections
Our filters enable rapid pinpointing of bottlenecks and user behavior patterns.
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Key advantages of performance testing with real browsers

Perfortator’s browser-based testing system is faster, more
effective, and far more convenient than traditional protocol-level testing.
Here are just a few of the benefits of this revolution in performance testing:

Run 1000s of concurrent cloud-based browser instances.

We handle all hardware, software and support — leaving you free to focus on testing.

Save money with pay-as-you-go browser cloud hours.

With Perforator, your browser cloud only runs for the exact amount of time you specify, and you’ll only pay for the browser hours you actually use. Plus, we’ll store all data captured from your performance test indefinitely, for free — so you can take your time in analyzing the results.

Simulate realistic user actions in real non-headless browsers.

Perforator runs actual instances of Google Chrome. We allocate 1 Gigabyte of RAM and 1 CPU core per browser instance and use Selenium-based scripts to simulate a wide range of actions taken by real users — including specific actions you’ve programmed into your own testing script.

Analyze raw data automatically captured from actual page loads.

Our automated tracking system collects gigabytes of raw data on every request, page load and session. We also provide built-in tools to help you filter and visualize that data, so you can discover and act on meaningful patterns.

Transform your Selenium automation tests into full-powered
performance tests.

We use the Selenium protocol to control all actions in your browser clouds — making it easy to upgrade your existing Selenium-based automation tests into performance tests with 100,000+ metrics.

That means we’ve made performance testing faster, cheaper, and easier to carry out — while delivering a world of in-depth analytics in real-time, plus a powerful toolbox of filtering, analysis and visualization functionality.

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