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A world of flexible filters and charts

Get clear, comprehensive optics on all dimensions of your site’s performance. Perforator makes it easy to collect, filter, group and graph statistical patterns in:

Real-time data aggregation

From the moment your performance test launches, Perforator collects and analyzes many types of Raw Data from thousands of concurrent cloud-based browser instances. Your results automatically refresh every 15 seconds — making it easy to notice anomalies visually as soon as they appear, and stop your test to address issues as soon as you notice them.

Load test data aggregation in real time
Unlimited flexible filtering

Since each performance test generates gigabytes of raw data, Perforator includes a powerful toolbox of filters that summarize trends, isolate bottlenecks and help you pinpoint problems. Our platform enables you to apply an unlimited number of filters to any metric you choose — for example:

Preserving all the data in RAW format gives us a unique opportunity to apply filters before any aggregation starts. As a result, all derived metrics are calculated in real-time for the data slice you’re particularly interested in. For example, you can review the aggregated duration of HTTP requests that generated errors from a specified URL.

The power of filters applied to RAW data gives you significant flexibility when identifying the root cause of a bottleneck, or drawing a conclusion about your performance test results because it enables you to specify KPIs unique to your own website.

Concurrent comparative charts

Perforator’s visualization capabilities extend far beyond simple tables and graphs. Our platform also comes with built-in functionality for generating charts based on your filtered data. You can generate a chart for any metric of your choice or even display an unlimited number of charts on the same coordinate system — making it easy to compare and contrast trends and identify multi-dimensional bottlenecks across:

Once you’ve pinpointed a trend, one simple command lets you export the charts and underlying data for further analysis, so you can take action and address the problem.

Full-spectrum request metrics

Since the details of each HTTP request provide crucial insight into bottlenecks and other issues, Perforator collects raw data not only about each request generated from a browser within our cloud but also about a wide range of related request metrics, including:

Request timestamps

Request type

Request method

Full information about Duration of request

Response Code

Response size

...and many more metrics!

Real-world data on page loads

One major advantage of performance testing with real non-headless browsers is that opening each page generates additional load. Our platform collects an array of data on every HTTP request, Javascript instance, CSS stylesheet, image and font embedded in your page. Even more crucially from an analysis perspective, your page generates real AJAX requests for data loading. Perforator collects all this raw data, enabling you to filter, summarize and visualize not only metrics obtained by calculation but also those extracted directly from each browser instance, including:

DOM Content time

Load time

Start time

Finish time

Duration of Load page

Duration of Problematic Requests

...and many more metrics!

Highly granular session data

Detailed session information is crucial to an accurate analysis of performance test results. Throughout your performance test, Perforator generates sessions through Selenium. As soon as one session terminates, the next one is launched immediately. For each session, our platform aggregates Raw Data from the browser — performing calculations based not only on overall measurement metrics but also on metrics generated within each session itself. This enables you to analyze sessions both on a cumulative basis and on a more granular individual basis, using metrics such as:

Total page count

DOM Content time of All Pages

Load time of All Sessions

Problematic request count

Problematic Requests Duration Per Session

Problematic Requests Percentage Per Session

...and many more metrics!

Customizable transaction results

Along with comprehensive data on HTTP requests, pages and sessions, Perforator also collects and analyzes transaction data. Just wrap any set of actions that interest you into a transaction, and define it in your script. Our load generator automatically generates top-level transactions — and our platform delivers raw-data metrics on top-level and nested transactions plus aggregated ones, including:

Total transaction count

Successful transaction count

Failed transaction percentage

Final transaction status

Transaction duration

...and many more metrics!

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