User-centric websites load testing.

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Automatic bottleneck detection powered by data from thousands of concurrent browsers.
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Real-time performance testing, driven by Raw Data

Chart, filter, aggregate and view reports on a world of metrics, fueled by automatically captured Raw Data from tens of thousands of concurrent browser instances — all in the cloud.

More than 100,000 possible metrics

Automated aggregation and reporting

Data from real browser instances

No hardware or software to install

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Get results in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Send a request to our API

We’ve made it easy to communicate with our API in any way you like. Use our Java integration libraries, or submit your request in your programming language of choice. Your request triggers real-time browser provisioning in the cloud, for the period you specify. All browser instances are managed by Selenium protocol — the industry standard for automation testing.

Step 2

See results in real time

We run tens of thousands of concurrent Cloud-based browser instances, collecting Raw Data on requests, page loads, sessions and transactions. The output refreshes every 15 seconds, enabling you to respond to anomalies as soon as they appear.

See how to analyze test in real time
Step 3

Filter and analyze your results

Perforator comes with powerful built-in analytics. Our flexible filters make it easy to generate custom charts and tables, giving you clear optics on patterns and anomalies in your test results.

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